The Messum
Notes from the bottom left
Occasional reflections from down here in Namibia
September 2010

Tom and Lucy's honeymoon
The full southern African experience . Part 1 Chobe

April 2010 The old cars of Damaraland
In the 19th century they left us rock art; in the 20th, old cars
May 2008 The Messum again
This time after rain
December 2007 The Messum crater
A bit more action after 180 million years
October 2007 Khan valley
A few days in the desert
2007 The Sanderburg street Big Five
You dont need to go into the bush for a good bit of mayhem and murder
September 2007 Living history; secondary education in Africa
March 2007 The Otter trail is the oldest of South Africa's hiking trails through what little remains of the coastal forest east of Knysna
January 2007 Comet McNaught. Namibia has the best night sky in the world
2006 Notes from 2006; the desert this year
January 2006 New State House
A joint venture between North Korea and the European Union
October 2005 Erongos
The Erongo hills are a spectacular range of mainly granite intrusions just to the East of the Namib. The whole area has been declared a conservation area that is maintained by the owners of the land. It is rich in arid land wild-life and also in ancient rock art. As a trial, I tried moving my office there
October 2005 Odds and ends
Compost, biokineticism and klokkiesboontjieboomtjies
1990s Namibian storms and sunsets
A collection of photographs of Namibian weather from the 1990s
Clegg News

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