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Stourhead in January

To Stourhead yesterday where I volunteer in the garden.  Perfect winter morning.

At the far side of the lake is largest temple in this classical garden, the Pantheon, a one quarter size copy of the real thing.

In the forground is the old tulip tree probably one of the garden’s orginal trees dating from the 1730s or so.

The tuliip tree is a native of the US east coast and was first brought to Britain around 1690.

Every 10m or so of the lake path is owned by a Robin. They hop around threateningly and dangerously close until you leave for the next encounter.

One of them owns the Pantheon.  My first task of the day is to unlock it and let in its owner.  He hopped in and carried out a routine crumb inspection followed very quietly by me and a rather overwhelmed young visiting family.

By the time I clicked, the robin had hopped on.

Caught him just as he landed in the Pantheon door







His wife stayed dutifully outside in the garden.

His front garden. The view from the Pantheon steps