A small dry area at the side of the road

The lemon yellow flowers were everywhere. they are Grielums, or White-eyed duiker root. They are quick-growing and flowering annuals. More below.

The little pink ones were the reason I took this; they just have one pair of leaves with a single flower on top; A Mesembryanthemum called conophytum minutum.

In the centre is an iris, a Babiana. Irises are well-represented in Namaqualand and are some of the most beautiful and unusual flowers

I think this must be a lone Cyanella hyacinthoides. It is found mainly further south in the Fynbos area

More Irises
Left is, I think, a beautifully delicate Ixia. Below is the tiny Lapierosa silenoides, about 5cm high. To the right are two colours of Homeria. These were taken towards the end of the second day when the light was going and the rain clouds were gathering

Grielum humifusum.
A member of the rose family, found everywhere

We were not specifically looking for animals but its always good to spot them. This chap was crossing the road when we came upon him.

We also saw a black mongoose which I have only seen before in the Erongo hills in Namibia. The books say it is a variant of the common slender mongoose but do not say that it is found as far south as Namaqualand.